Three Tips on What to Do When Confronted By a Mugger

theft toolAnything could happen while you’re on the street, and anything you carry with you might just be taken away in a snap if a mugger catches you off guard. To avoid being mugged, it’s therefore advisable to keep yourself aware of your surroundings, leave your expensive gadgets and jewelries at home, use your phone only when necessary, walk on well-lit paths, and have someone accompany you especially in places you haven’t been before.

What mentioned above are the things you could do to lessen the possibility of being mugged on the street. But what if you’ve already been confronted by a mugger and you don’t have anyone around you to rescue you? What should you do? Giving up your personal belongings is the best you can do for your safety. However, if what the mugger demands is of great importance to you and you want to keep it while considering your safety, you could follow these three tips tested by experts.

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Guard Dogs: Will A Dog Really Protect You?

German shepherdThroughout history, one among the main roles of a dog has been to defend its master. The Romans made better use of the dogs’ loyalty to deter and detect their enemies by placing them outside their camps. Dogs were also used in England during the Middles Ages to scare off enemy horses into abandoning the knight they were ferrying. While a majority of modern dogs will act as home guards, there are some breeds that are known for having the characteristics required to scare off burglars. They are skilled in sensing a potential risk and hence, can prevent it by plunging into action immediately.

Pros of having a dog for protection

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Self Defense Techniques That Anyone Can Do

Knowledge is the best defense

Isolated robbery sceneWe typically freeze when something shocks us and this is what the bad guys usually capitalize on. Unfortunately, violence is a fact of life that we have to live with. When it comes to our safety, self defense tactics are important and it is quite necessary to stay sharp. We have to question ourselves whether we are in a position to defend ourselves and our loved ones should someone physically attack us.

Thankfully, anyone can learn some techniques of self defense, regardless of their age, gender, size or even strength. Here are some self-defense tips that you need to go through. You may have heard about some of them, but let them all soak in, just in case you might need to put them into practice one day.

7 self-defense techniques that are surprisingly simple.

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How To Protect Yourself Against Pick Pockets

Thief stealing wallet at the subway stationRegardless of if you have been pick pocketed before or not, you recognize that losing your valuables to someone without your knowledge can be a very traumatizing ordeal. Pickpockets are anywhere, anytime, and cannot be easily identified – they look just like you. Therefore, the only help you can accord yourself is knowing how to counter or reduce the impact of being pick pocketed. Herein, I will share with you what you need to do as well as what to avoid to be safe from the pickpocket’s wrath.


~ Keep your money separate in different pockets. This will ensure that you minimize the attention on one pocket and will confuse the pickpocket regarding which pocket they should target.

~ Use a money belt that is kept under your clothes. This is a sure way to lock your valuables as well as keep them away from the pickpocket’s sight.

~ Use a dummy or mugger’s wallet that is easily accessible. This will help deviate the pickpocket’s attention from your real wallet.

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Tips To Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Protect personal identity concept of privacy theftRecently, identity theft has become the fastest growing crime in the increasingly digital world. Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information to take over your credit accounts, open new ones, access bank accounts, take out a loan, rent an apartment or commit other crimes using your identity. As it does not involve any physical theft, identity theft may not be noticed by the victim until significant damage has been done – potentially several months and thousands of dollars later.

Type Of Information Identity Thieves Look For

Social Security Number

This number is used by all government and financial institutions as the primary form of identity. So, it is the golden ticket for identity thieves.

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Top Computer Security Products

Robot and shieldEvery time you sit down in front of your computer, you may never think about security. But in the real sense security is the most important thing in the digital world. The game you are downloading maybe infected by a malware, and the post that looks hilarious by a friend might have been planted by a clickjacker. The email that you want to read may be entangled in a flood of spam. If you are not careful also, you can lose your money in your credit card. Children minds may be polluted if we don’t take the appropriate actions to secure what they watch and read from the internet. The following products will help you secure your computer.

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Tips for Keeping You and Your Family Safe While Using the Internet

Robot and shieldHackers, thieves, stalkers, and much worse people can steal credit card numbers, passwords, tax records, important information, and can even completely disable your computer. Follow these tips to protect yourself online every time you surf the inter-webs:

Tip #1: Protect Your Account by Using Strong Passwords

It’s a known fact that you should never give your passwords to anyone and you shouldn’t let anyone steal them either. Thus, it’s highly advisable to use lengthy passwords that contain upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation, and if possible, use a different password for each website. Likewise, don’t depend on the password alone. Some sites offer a 2-step verification process that requires the user to prove their identity with the use of a password and an external factor, such as sending an SMS code.

If it’s difficult for you to remember those long passwords, installing a password manager onto the computer, phone, or tablet is advisable.

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Best Personal Security Products

security self defenseWe are exposed to dangers no matter where we live, work or study but unfortunately governments cannot provide security for all of us at all times. Luckily there is an array of personal security that men and women can choose to keep for self-defense when need sets in. If you want to take the reins of your safety, here are three top selling personal security products that you can start with:

Tasers are strong weapons against the enemy as they have a strong effect on targets no matter which part of the body you hit. Tasers allow you to strike from a distance to avoid coming too close to an assailant. Tasers have laser sights which increase your accuracy and they work by jumbling up neuromuscular signals. This mix up takes one’s ability to use their muscles away for at least 30 seconds, giving you enough time to flee and hopefully save yourself.

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5 Simple But Effective Tips to Improve Home Security

Burglary to home on the suburbsBeing a victim of burglary can be a very depressing experience since you know that it may happen again when you leave your home unsecured. Not only does this incidence take away your personal belongings, it also leaves you afraid for the safety of your family, thus losing your peace of mind. For you to be all set at all times for chances of home break-in, you should therefore equip yourself with the following tips to improve your home security.

1. Lock your doors and windows.

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Tips for personal security and personal safety

Isolated robbery sceneIf you have felt frightened as well as intimidated when you walk on the streets then you need to make sure that you learn how to ensure your personal safety and security on the streets. The first thing you need to do is be aware about how to minimize the risk of being mugged or robbed on the streets. Awareness is the best defense. When employing these tips for personal security and personal safety, make sure that you understand that you are living in a world that is becoming increasingly unsafe.

Being aware about your surroundings is therefore very important to ensuring personal security and safety. Here is a brief look at some very important personal safety and security tips.

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